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Why Choose Us?
Because we love to teach.  More importantly, we believe that Ballroom & Latin Dancing will change your life.  With Professional Instructors that have over 30 years of training, competitive dancing & teaching combined, we are confident that you will succeed in your journey to learn how to dance with us.  
 Why Learn Ballroom & Latin Dancing?
Adults love the experience of Ballroom & Latin Dancing.  There is a sense of self- confidence and achievement that comes with learning a new skill. Bonus?  It's FUN!  Plus, We have a spectacular community here at the studio, and you might just make lifelong friends in the meantime! 
Do I need a partner?  
No! Isn't that amazing?  If you are single, you can still learn! We would pair you with an instructor for private lessons.  Believe it or not, some couples that attend even find that they benefit from taking lessons without their significant others.  Group classes are just that - a group - and we encourage students to dance with one another by rotating partners.
We have options for everyones situations! 
Convinced we are the best there is to offer yet?
Krystal Ballroom is focused on providing dance lessons with the highest level of customer satisfaction.  We offer a combination of Private Lessons, Group Classes and Weekly Practice Sessions to enhance your level of learning. 
With a variety of programs to choose from, we're sure you'll be happy dancing with us.  
So why wait?  If you are reading this, that means you are curious.   
You have nothing to lose with our $10 pp Introductory Lesson.   Simply complete the "contact me" section or Click on the Book Now Button to set up your introductory lesson Right Away!
Imagine, you could be dancing by the end of the week! 

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